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„To realise our dreams with you“

„To realise our dreams with you“

A Home for Many


Our holiday home, where our two private apartments are also located, was newly built by Rosa and Helmut approximately 35 years ago. Since then, together with their three children, they were able to provide a welcoming home for a short period of time, for many people of different ages, from different places, with different mother tongues and live stories.

Since 2010, son Christof has taken over the farmyard. Myself (his wife Marion) and our small family love the life here at Farm Hirberhof. Here, we don’t just experience the hospitality, the connection to nature and being with our animals and their warm care, we LIVE all of this. The work with our hands, the creating of new things, the garden work, the work in the woods and also getting together with people, all this we consider as a great gift. We are thankful for this fortune every day!

The entire house and the apartments have always been thoroughly and lovingly maintained. Every guest can see this immediately.


Despite these efforts, naturally, time has taken its toll. Some things would need to be changed. Some things would need to be rebuilt. Some things would need to be updated. Some things would need to be added. Changes in society and our dream, to create a down-to-earth holiday on the farm operation with much heart, are prompting us to dare carry out a renovation. Our premises will therefore be under reconstruction from February 2019 to december 2019.

We will be keeping you updated on the planned reconstruction, under the heading of the menu “THE FUTURE”. Here, you will find the following:

  • Construction project
  • Current progress of the construction works
  • Photographs of the construction


It is clear to us that, as our regular guest, you may have concerns regarding the reconstruction, because you probably find that everything is in order in our house. We would be grateful for your valuable comments and request, so that we can welcome you again in december 2019. Please notify us of any wishes or issues. Because you are a part of Farm Hirberhof!

We have already started making some alterations. Just wait for a surprise.